Intriguing Locations To Visit When You Pay a visit to Singapore

Skyline Travel SingaporeSINGAPORE – This year’s National Day celebrations will be brighter, with about 40 buildings in the central business district skyline extending their buildings’ facade lights until midnight every day for the month of August. For nature lovers, there are some exciting attractions like the Jurong Bird Park, Jurong Reptile Park, Singapore Crocidilarium, Singapore Zoological Gardens and the very distinctive Night Safari which is open only in the course of evenings. Admission to the National Museum of Singapore is $15 for adults and $10 for little ones 7 and older.

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The Supreme Allied Commander for the Southeast Asia Command, Admiral Louis Mountbatten, returned to Singapore shortly after to receive the formal surrender of Common Itagaki Seishiro, and the British Military Administration (BMA) was set in location promptly to govern Singapore and Malaya until March 1946.

Singapore as a result came under Japanese rule and was renamed Shonan-to (Light of the South Island” in Japanese). With an great central place, massive and comfortable rooms, modern day but also historic facilities and leading class luxury, this is not only Singapore’s but one particular of Asia’s finest hotel in Singapore.

Add to it the interesting architectural structure of the Esplanade, picturesque skyline, the humongous ferris wheel otherwise identified as the Singapore Flyer and the soon to open Marina Bay Sands and you are going to have for oneself a picture that is uniquely Singapore.