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Myanmar Travel AgencyWelcome to our Even though it is a industrial web-site, we count on to deliver some values for your surfing time. There are some fine specialist shops that hotel concierges will guide you to. The Strand has a printed recommendation list. There are frequent direct buses from Bangkok to Mae Sot, and direct buses from Chiang Mai. Our regional travel specialists are eager to discuss your tour concepts in their destinations.

MAI flies smaller Boeing 737s and two MD-82s, which are long narrow workhorses with a 3-two seating configuration in economy and eight huge leather company class seats clearly taken from somebody else’s airline. Hopping across the Thai border into Myanmar’s border towns is straightforward, but crossing into or out of Myanmar right by land nevertheless varies by border (see beneath).

Before you hop on the plane to Asia, evaluation our travel guide for useful details and our recommendations on what to see, do, and eat on a bespoke Myanmar holiday. Myanmar delivers a wide range of international foods in tourist hubs, and dining in Yangon is offering extra and a lot more of an eclectic culinary scene that will make any gourmand happy.

Wherever your adventurous spirit calls you, our Myanmar travel agency group is waiting to craft a bespoke Myanmar vacation just for you. Bars and nightlife choices are flourishing in emerging tourist centers like Yangon. Myanmar has announced the resumption of Visa-On-Arrival (VOA) starting in June 2012 for numerous countries including all ASEAN member states, the EU, New Zealand and the USA.

Although there is nowhere in Yangon you would want to go that is additional than 15 minutes from anyplace else, you may possibly appear at the town in 3 segments. Syrium still host a wonderful numbers of Indian population although Myanmar citizen but their customs and way of life are still pretty substantially determined by the Hindu religion.