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Myanmar Travel AgencyI own a travel and Tour agency that cater for vacation packages to worldwide destinations. Myanmar (Burma) is situated in the Northern Hemisphere along the southern edge of the Asian Continent. Myanmar or Burma is the 2nd biggest nation in Asean and it was when the richest country in Asean prior to it closed it’s door in 1962. One particular of our favorite dishes that can be found anywhere in Myanmar is tea leaf salad, or lahpet thoke, which combines pickled tea leaves with chopped tomato and crunchy, toasted beans.

If you are not fantastic fan of significant cities and prefer nature you could leave out Mandalay and take in Kalaw alternatively. Myanmar is as complex as it is enchanting — a nation of historical treasures, organic attractions, and colorful customs that is just beginning to open itself to the world.

It is the most famous buying place in Yangon Myanmar arts and handicrafts are most effective souvenirs out there there at affordable price. If you can%26#39t find any one who will book this trip in or from the US…if you have the time frame for that component of your trip %26#39alotted%26#39 in your other travel plans, when you get to Bankok, you can arrange your trip from there.

As of August 2014 flights into Myanmar are offered from many nations and it shows up as a location in the common net search engines. Beware!: The E-visa printout states that a booked flight out of Myanmar is a prerequisite for getting the E-visa.

Myanmar border manage in Mandalay did not need to see the proof of a booked flight, so if you handle to board your flight, you’ll in all probability be fine. They booked us inside Myanmar on Air Mandalay and Yangon Airways, and involving Bangkok and Yangon on Thai Airlines.